iCub Contrib Documentation

This is the iCub online code documentation for the contrib modules. This is the result of an automatic process that parses the doxygen documentation in the contrib folder of the iCub repository. Since the contrib part of the iCub repository is open to many users, this part of the documentation may be innaccurate adn sometimes, completely broken!

The main topic in this section is:

But, you can also refer to the official documentation:

In order to test your contrib documented software you can execute:

user@pc:ICUB_ROOT/contrib$ doxygen conf/Doxyfile.txt

locally on your repository, to figure out what is going on. The output can be browsed at doc/html/index.html.

To add documentation you can follow the same instructions for the code in the main repository: Writing Documentation.

We suggest you group the documentation using instructions here .

Important by default doxygen does not perform a full scan of all the directories in contrib. This means that to add a group of modules to the documentation you have to manually edit the INPUT field in the doxygen configuration file (i.e. contrib/conf/Doxyfile.txt).

This page can be edited at $ICUB_ROOT/contrib/src/doc/main.dox.