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Support for this method was dropped after YARP version 2.3.19 - please use YARP 2.3.19 or earlier if you wish to use this method.

Sometimes people have trouble getting ACE compiled. If you are using Linux or Windows, an alternative is to download a specially prepared "ACE4YARP" package that you can compile with CMake and that contains just the part of ACE needed for YARP.

  • You can download a version of ACE configured specially for YARP (and stripped of everything YARP does not use) here:
  • (take the most recent ace4yarp-5.6.*.tar.gz)
  • You can unpack that, overlay the directories on the YARP source tree, and then do the following in the root source directory:
 rm CMakeCache.txt
  • (modify the cmake command appropriately for out-of-source builds)

That's it! You should see lots of _ace files compiling.


There is a "" script to assemble ACE4YARP for you. On Linux, here's how a complete YARP build can be made from scratch:

 sudo apt-get install cmake subversion
 svn co yarp2
 cd yarp2; mkdir build; cd build
 cmake ..

This will compile YARP and ACE together. This will work on Windows too, you'll just need to translate the commands.