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Typesafe Bottles as a tool for safer data communication and simpler parsing

G. Cotugno, King's College London, UK

In order to develop a robust application, it is fundamental to write type safe code. A type safe language enforces the assignments of values to variables. In this way, a char value will be always interpreted as a character and not as an integer, unless otherwise specified by the developer. YARP does not intrinsically offer type safety in its plain implementation of the Bottle class. In this talk, I will present an add-on for YARP Bottles, developed by Kris De Meyer at King's College London, that allows a YARP developer to enforce type safety keeping the code backward compatible. Typesafe Bottles can be used also to provide a structured access to data and well-formatted config files, simplifying the parsing of Bottles and ini files. In this technical talk, I will use as example code from the synergistic grasping controller of my previous talk.