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Reverse Engineering of Middleware for Verification of Robot Control Architectures

Prof. A. Tacchella, Universita' di Genova

Abstract. We consider the problem of automating the verification of distributed control software relying on publish-subscribe middleware. In this scenario, the main challenge is that software correctness depends intrinsically on correct usage of middleware components, but structured models of such components might not be available for analysis, e.g., be- cause they are too large and complex to be described precisely in a cost- effective way. To overcome this problem, we propose to identify abstract models of middleware as finite-state automata, and then to perform ver- ification on the combined middleware and control software models. Both steps are carried out in a computer-assisted way using state-of-the-art techniques in automata-based identification and verification. Our main contribution is to show that the combination of identification and verifi- cation is feasible and useful when considering typical issues that arise in the implementation of distributed control software.