Adding your project to iCub

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Adding your code

Here are the basic steps you need:

  • Go to your "iCub" directory.
  • Use cvs to update it, and make sure the latest changes are present. See Notes on CVS: RobotCub repository for how to do this (and the next steps).
  • Add your new code under "iCub/src/vvv/YOURUSERNAME_PROJECTNAME".
  • Tell cvs ("adding") about the new folder and the files it contains. Note, only the files that are required for compiling should be added. This includes the CMakeList.txt, the source code and headers. If you have external resources, icons, etc., then add them too -- but you have to be careful about this; we suggest you ask someone experienced in cvs for the right way to do this.
  • Commit your code.

Using command line cvs

  • Open a terminal and go to your "iCub" directory.
  • Update it, to make sure it contains the most recent changes by typing:
 cvs update -d
  • Copy your project folder under "iCub/src/vvv".
  • Rename your project folder to be something like: YOURUSERNAME_PROJECTNAME.
  • In the directory "iCub/src/vvv" type:
  • In the directory "iCub/src/vvv/YOURUSERNAME_PROJECTNAME" type:
 cvs add CMakeLists.txt *.h *.cpp
  • (also add whatever other files you need, but no files that the compiler produced - they will just get in the way for other people).
  • Finally commit to complete addition.
  • In the directory "iCub/src/vvv" type:
 cvs commit -m "my first commit"

Using wincvs

See Notes on CVS: RobotCub repository


  • Try changing a file and committing again.
  • Try an update in a while to see other players' code.