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The iCub

Assembly manual (in Italian). This is a detailed assembly manual which still needs to be translated (sorry). It consists of several PDFs and videos illustrating the assembly of the various parts. These files are all available from the CVS repository under the 'doc' section (root/doc).

Assembly manual

The general assembly instructions are reported in: Assembly instruction

This is complemented by a set of photos and videos of the various stages of the assembly. These can be browsed at: assembly manual link

The length of the tendons cables for the Mechanical Version 1 "V1" is reported in: Cables_V1.pdf

Details of the wiring of the shoulder are described in: ShoulderWiring_English

The description of the wiring of the hand cables is reported in: tendonsHand2007.pdf

The description of the wiring of the wrist cables is reported in: tendonsWrist.pdf

All these documents are GPL/FDL as per the entire RobotCub documentation even if at the moment a proper header is not available.

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