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== Members ==
== Members ==

[http://eris.liralab.it/wiki/VVV12_Participants#Katrin_Solveig_Lohan Katrin]<BR>
[http://wiki.icub.org/wiki/VVV12_Participants#Katrin_Solveig_Lohan Katrin]<BR>
[http://eris.liralab.it/wiki/VVV12_Participants#Ugo_Pattacini Ugo]<BR>
[http://wiki.icub.org/wiki/VVV12_Participants#Ugo_Pattacini Ugo]<BR>
[http://eris.liralab.it/wiki/VVV12_Participants#Christian_Dondrup Christian]<BR>
[http://wiki.icub.org/wiki/VVV12_Participants#Christian_Dondrup Christian]<BR>
[http://eris.liralab.it/wiki/VVV12_Participants#Fr.C3.A9d.C3.A9ric_Elisei Fr&eacute;d&eacute;ric]<BR>
[http://wiki.icub.org/wiki/VVV12_Participants#Fr.C3.A9d.C3.A9ric_Elisei Fr&eacute;d&eacute;ric]<BR>
[http://eris.liralab.it/wiki/VVV12_Participants#Karinne_Ramirez-Amaro Karinne]<BR>
[http://wiki.icub.org/wiki/VVV12_Participants#Karinne_Ramirez-Amaro Karinne]<BR>
[http://eris.liralab.it/wiki/VVV12_Participants#Konstantinos_Theofilis Kostas]
[http://wiki.icub.org/wiki/VVV12_Participants#Konstantinos_Theofilis Kostas]

<Please add yourself>
<Please add yourself>

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In this group we like to discuss and work on the current attention system and target new ideas about how to improve the system. We would like to make a kickoff meeting today with everyone how is interested in attention, meeting will be at 11 am in the tutorial area. Happy to see you there Katrin.



<Please add yourself>

Nods meeting 18.07.2012

-Change priority of attention systems (interface)

*handler that takes inputs of all attention systems and decides which is more important
*switch off unneeded modules?! or slow-down computation update rate ?
*combining visual, sound, gesture and tactile attention

-mastermodule which combines all information

*possible outputs: image containing all data, a single action over a port, mosaic image, saliance map
*define weights to which info is more important

Tasks: -two people infront of icub talking with face detection (looking at the face of the speaker)


Sound grabbing

Sound localization

face recognition

interface structure


Date Time Topic
Day 2 (Thursday ) 11:30 - 12:30 (delayed by the yarp-basic) Presentation of Control and Attention system