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The goal of this group is to identify the face of two persons in front of the iCub.

Demo of face tracking with the iCub

As a starting point, we found out that there is a demo in yarp that is detecting and tracking the face of one human. This demo was implemented by Ugo. Here is a summery of the steps needed to run this demo.


 Ideally, we would like to detect (and not directly track) several faces, so that a specific saliency map can be created and inserted in the visual attention system.

Using openCV to detect faces (or eyes) :

 It seems to be possible to detect multiple faces in an image with openCV, using haar transforms, as explained here :
 There seems to be some example code there :
 If not using CV_HAAR_FIND_BIGGEST_OBJECT", multiple results (faces) might be returned.
 Eyes might possibly be detected too :