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Course on how to start up working with the iCub robot and use the system for experiments/studies

This course is focusing on researchers with little knowledge about the iCub robot and with few programming skills. The course will start with a simple "Howto use Yarp" and "Howto start up the robot", followed by an introduction on using the Motor GUI and other given software tools. We will also create a startup tool for a user studie with a simple robot behavior.

There will be a discussion on what else is needed to make it easier to use the iCub as a interaction partner in a naive user study. We will also show how to create a "Wizard of Oz" system structure for the iCub.


  • day 1: Install software and get to know yarp and the iCub simulator.
  • day 2: How to start up and use the real robot.
  • day 3: Create a startup tool (xml based script) with a simple robot behavior.
  • day 4: Discussion about what is needed in naive user studies/improvements.
  • day 5 - end: Form groups and start to integrate a "Wizard of Oz" system structure for the iCub.