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Frédéric Elisei : I'm a newcomer to the iCub community !

Marek Rucinski: Not so much a newbie to iCub software and robot (using it since ~2 years), but would like to hear about using the robot in case I missed something in my self-education.

Eduardo Castello : I am a beginner using the iCub software. I will like to attend the basic tutorials. Please keep me updated.

Barry Ridge : Another newbie to the iCub, I would also like to attend the tutorials. See you all there!

Kotaro Nagahama : I'd like to attend the basic tutorials on iCub and YARP.

Christian Dondrup : Like Marek I am not that new to the iCub software, but would like attend the beginner courses in case I missed something.

Karinne Ramirez-Amaro: I started to work with the iCub like 6 months ago and I would like to know the latest developeds on the robot.

Ravin de Souza: Please count me in the beginners as well.

Matej Hoffmann: I'm a newbie to iCub and would like to attend tutorials.

Giuseppe Cicala: I'm a new user of iCub software.

Takato Horii: It's first time for me to use iCub software.