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WARNING: this file is work in progress, by nat

One of the most important features of CMake is that it allows to configure your project to include/link additional packages (libraries). To do this you have to tell CMake you want to use an additional package, you do this with the FIND_PACKAGE macro. I found FIND_PACKAGE a bit confusing so I try to explain here how it works and how we have been using it on YARP.

Note: I here explain the functionalities of FIND_PACKAGE that are used in YARP, go to for a more complete explanation.

FIND_PACKAGE(<name>) ask CMake to find and load settings from the external projects/packages called <name>. This works in a few steps:

- CMake searches the directories listed in CMAKE_MODULE_PATH for a file called Find<name>.cmake. If found, this macro is executed and it is responsible for finding the package (examples of similar macro are: FindACE.cmake, FindBoost.cmake, FindOpenCV.cmake that are located in your $YARP_ROOT/conf directories). "Find" macros define variables which allow you to check if the package has been found and use it in your project. Unfortunately different macros behave differently so you have to check the code to find out the exact names of those variables. A good idea would be to define:


For example, suppose you want to include the ACE package in a new project:

  1. find ACE


  1. searches for all .cpp and .h files in the current directory and add them
  2. to the current project

FILE(GLOB folder_source *.cpp) FILE(GLOB folder_header *.h) SOURCE_GROUP("Source Files" FILES ${folder_source}) SOURCE_GROUP("Header Files" FILES ${folder_header})

  1. create the project

ADD_EXECUTABLE(your_project ${folder_source} ${folder_header})

  1. add include directories


  1. link opencv libraries