Calling yarp from Matlab

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Note: these instructions are temporary, things will be changed soon.


Paths such as "/example/swig" in the rest of this page refer to the YARP source code.

YARP side

Install swig and the Java development environment.

Cmake /example/swig. If Cmake asks about JAVA_INCLUDE_PATH and JAVA_INCLUDE_PATH2 put your $JAVA_JDK_ROOT\include and $JAVA_JDK_ROOT\include\win32 (or similar on Linux). Compile and install the resulting project.

You'll get a bunch of .java files in /generated/src and shared library (e.g. jyarp.dll in windows and in linux). Copy the shared library to a location that is in your path (not sure about this, but I guess it is required otherwise I don't see how Matlab can later find it).

Copy /example/swig/src/*.java to /example/swig/generated_src

Compile all java classes in /example/swig/generated_src:

  javac -source 1.3 -target 1.3 *.java

You might find it useful to to add this folder (e.g. example/swig/generated_src) to your CLASSPATH environment variable.

Matlab side

You need to tell Matlab the location of the yarp *.class files. Do this by adding the following line to your classpath.txt:


where yarp_root should be substituted with the actual path. Maybe it is possible to change this to point to your YARP_ROOT env variable, if you have defined one. I did not have the time to look at it.

You can ask Matlab about the location of your classpath.txt by typing

  which classpath.txt 

(usually C:\MATLAB6p5\toolbox\local\).

Now the next time you run matlab you should be able to call yarp code.

For example try:

  LoadYarp; //this loads the yarp library and initializes the network
  b.fromString('hello from Matlab')

Smarter examples can be found in:


Important: you need to close and run Matlab again every time you change either your classpath.txt file or the .java/.class.