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The canLoader application allows to flash the firmware of the dsp boards using the canbus interface.
Please visit https://icub-tech-iit.github.io/documentation/icub_firmware.
It is also very useful to determine what boards are up and running.
The canLoader2.0 allows to either use plx canbus boards or esd canbus boards (actually any device implementing an ICanBus interface in YARP).
* Make sure you have compiled the appropriate canbus device (read [[Compilation on the pc104]]).
* Unless you have not done so, compile the canLoader (run cmake in $ICUB_ROOT/src/canLoader), compile the canLoader20 executable
* Run $ICUB_ROOT/src/canLoader/canLoader20/canLoader.
* Select pcan or ecan devices in the text box (default is ecan).
* Select the can network you want to probe (0 to 4), and hit connect.
You should see a list of boards that are available in the network you have selected, their id, the version of the firmware, the build number and a text description. If a card is listed here it means that it was able to reply to the broadcast message from the canLoader (a good start).
[[Image: canLoader.jpg|canLoader]]

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Please visit https://icub-tech-iit.github.io/documentation/icub_firmware.