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This page lists the main changes introduced in each releases of the iCub software (icub-main). A similar page, for YARP, is maintained here

icub-main next release 1.1.18

  • The following YARP methods have been deprecated:
    • iPositionControl::setPositionMode()
    • iVelocityControl::setVelocityMode()
    • iTorqueControl::setTorqueMode()
    • iOpenLoopControl::setOpenLoopMode()
  • robotInterface executable has been deprecated in favor of yarpRobotInterface (moved to YARP repository). Important:
    • Rename robotinterface.ini --> yarprobotinterface.ini in %ICUB_ROOT%/app/robots/<your_robot>.
    • Modify robotinterface --> yarprobotinterface in %ICUB_ROOT%/app/iCubStartup/scripts/iCubStartup.xml

This commit modifies all files in the iCub-main repository. Please check and update all files modified locally in your system.