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This page lists the main changes introduced in each releases of the iCub software (icub-main). A similar page, for YARP, is maintained here

icub-main next release 1.1.18

  • The following YARP methods have been deprecated:
    • iPositionControl::setPositionMode()
    • iVelocityControl::setVelocityMode()
    • iTorqueControl::setTorqueMode()
    • iOpenLoopControl::setOpenLoopMode()

  • parametriCalibrator and parametricCalibratorETH are now the only two calibrator plugins available in the repository. All the other calibrators have been removed, since they were designed to work only with the old robot launcher (iCubInterface), now deprecated. Additionally those calibrators were not working properly anymore with the latest fw versions.

  • Several parameters used by parametericCalibrator has been renamed
    • positionZero -> startupPosition
    • velocityZero -> startupVelocity
    • maxPwm -> startupMaxPwm
    • posZeroThreshold -> startupPosThreshold

This commit renames all the parametricCalibrator parameters mentioned above. Please check and update all files modified locally in your system.

  • iCubInterface executable has been removed from the repo. Robot users that are still using the old configuration files (.ini format) should contact and ask for an update of their configuration files to the new format (.xml). The executable to be used to launch the robot is named yarprobotinterface.

  • robotInterface executable has been deprecated in favor of yarpRobotInterface (moved to YARP repository). Important:
    • Rename robotinterface.ini --> yarprobotinterface.ini in %ICUB_ROOT%/app/robots/<your_robot>.
    • Modify robotinterface --> yarprobotinterface in %ICUB_ROOT%/app/iCubStartup/scripts/iCubStartup.xml

This commit modifies all files in the iCub-main repository. Please check and update all files modified locally in your system.

  • parameter deviceId used in old versions of the analog wrapper xml files now generates an error. The parameter was already deprecated in the previous release, but robotInterface was allowed to continue, generating a warning. Now the wrapper will terminate if the new parameter "name", which substitutes the deprecated "deviceId" is not found. Example for a analog wrapper configuration file (icub-main\app\robots\iCubXXX01\wrappers\FT\left_arm-FT_wrapper.xml)

use: <param name="name"> /icub/left_arm/analog:o </param>

instead of: <param name="deviceId"> left_arm </param>