Compilation on the pc104

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The pc104 is a Linux Debian (Live), system.

Compilation on the pc104 follows the same procedure we have seen (see Section 6 of the manual), with some differences.

Modules running on the pc104 require access to the hardware and interface directly with the hardware device drivers. To do this you need to compile some optional modules in both YARP and iCub. Before doing this you need to get the original APIs that are distributed with the device drivers.

List of modules

You need the following modules:

  • serialport: face expressions
  • xsensmtx:

ENABLE_yarpmod_serial ENABLE_yarpmod_serialport

Getting the device drivers

You need the following device drivers:

  • plxcan: device drivers plx canbus board
  • esdcan: device drivers esd canbus board

Before doing that you need to get the original code of the APIs that are distributed with the device drivers (not part of the repository).