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Compile the iCub software

Generate Project Files

First you need to generate make files. Run cmake. Point both the source code and binary directories ("Where is the source code" and "Where you put the source files" entries in the gui) to %ICUB_ROOT%. Important: the iCub software does not allow to build binaries in a different directories.

You don't need particular options. If you want to compile using optimization just set:

  • CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE to "Release"

Other options are:


These options are recommended, because they enable compilation of some useful GUIs. Important: these options can be enabled only if you have installed the required libraries: gtk, gtkmm and qt (see PrepareWindows).

  • Similarly to YARP, by default make will build executables and libraries in %ICUB_ROOT%/bin and %ICUB_ROOT%/lib. You can customize where "make install" will copy these files by setting: CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to something you like.

If you need to compile optional devices (for example devices that provide interface to the hardware) you can follow these links:





Open the project files in %ICUB_ROOT%, compile and install the executables.