Compiling ACE

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Installing ACE, Linux

Download ACE (recommended version 5.5.5) from (full version!):, then unpack it and prepare for the compilation. Build a symlink to config.h as (config.h is in ACE_wrappers/ace):

ln -s config-linux.h config.h

and (which can be found in ACE_wrappers/include/makeinclude):

ln -s platform_linux.GNU platform_macros.GNU

See also:

Important: follow the "Using the Traditional ACE/GNU Configuration" method. The other methods will compile successful, but the library you get might not work properly with YARP.

Don't forget to set up the environment veriable ACE_ROOT to point to where ACE was unpacked (e.g. ACE_wrappers). This will be used later on by (CMake) to find the ACE library.

Run make from $ACE_ROOT/ace (e.g. make debug=0 for no debug information). When done, you should see the .so libraries in $ACE_ROOT/lib.