Controlling the fakebot from your own code

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This example shows how to send commands to the fake robot.

  int main() {
     // Initialize YARP - some OSes need network and time service initialization
     // Create a port you will use to send commands to the bot
     Port out;
     // Name the ports"/USER_NAME/out");
     // Connect the ports so that anything written from /out arrives to /in
     Bottle& outBot1 = out.prepare();   // Get the object
     outBot1.addString("set"); // put "set" command in the bottle
     outBot1.addInt(0); //control joint 0
     outBot2.addInt(80); //move to 80
     printf("Writing bottle 1 (%s)\n", outBot1.toString().c_str());
     out.write();                       // Now send it on its way
     Network::fini(); // This is the reverse of Network::init()
     return 0;