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the MCP and MC4 control pair

Each control card requires the acquisition of numerous commercial components.
The bills of material are available here from the CVS repository (this file is not uploaded yet).

Electronic boards

Several additional PCBs have been designed to fit the iCub. These are:

RobotCub code Description Manufacturer Manuf. code Supplier Suppl. Order code Suppl. Phone number Suppl. Email/Website
RBE-01210_ROTOR RBE-01210-A rotor, Kollmorgen - Rotor for frameless and brushless motor, Tc=0.115Nm, Ic=5.41A Kollmorgen RBE-01210-A rotor Danahermotion Subassembly of RBE-01210-A +39 0362 594259 Danahermotion

  • MAIS: 32-channel miniature ADC card, see [1]
  • STRAIN: 6-axial strain gauges amplification card, see [2]
  • AEA: 12-bit digital absolute encoder, see [3]
  • CFW-001: 4 CAN and 2 Firewire ports on PC104+ format: not available yet
  • FACE: facial expressions control PCBs, see [4]
  • LED: facial expressions LED PCB support, see [5]

More informations

  • A collection of datasheets is available here

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