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(The iCub specifications)
(The iCub specifications)
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* Microphones [[Media:Microphones.pdf | click here for the pdf]]
* Microphones [[Media:Microphones.pdf | click here for the pdf]]
* Test of the head, this caused a replacement of some components (gearbox) [[Media:TestHead.pdf | click here for the pdf]]
* Test of the head, this caused a replacement of some components (gearbox) [[Media:TestHead.pdf | click here for the pdf]]
* Test of the Hall-effect sensors [[Media:Hall.pdf | click here for the pdf]]
== Realization and assembly issues ==
== Realization and assembly issues ==

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This deliverable contains the specifications of the iCub open system. In particular we describe here the hardware (mechanics and electronics). We give pointers to the relevant documentation and describe the assembly procedure. For details on the software architecture please see the deliverable item 8.3. This is a running document which is updated regularly as the design of the platform progresses.

The iCub specifications

The Deliverable item 8.1 contains the initial specifications and design issues we considered during the development of iCub:

Deliverable 8.1

The list of robots under construction:

  • iCub main site, LIRA-Lab, Genoa (several copies)
  • IST, Lisbon
  • EPFL, Switzerland

Specifications of the electronics (preliminary, before realization): click here to download the pdf

Details of the head: click here to download the pdf

Tests have been performed, some results (VERY preliminary):

Realization and assembly issues

Here we will document the procedures for the assembly of the iCub. These documents will also help troubleshooting in case of failures.

The CAD drawings repository

CAD files are in the ProEngineering Wildfire 2 standard. They will be made available here. A temporary set of "almost" final drawings is available from the RobotCub website. These files are temporarily password protected since they are not yet final (e.g. the robot is still under serious debugging). To request an account and password please send an email to giorgio.metta _(at)_ robotcub.org.

Once you receive the email and password you can browse the private part of the RobotCub.org website, see:

the CAD files release

where you can find (ZIPped) three types of documents:

  • 3D CAD files in the ProEngineering Wildfire 2 format, these are useful for debugging and for understanding of the robot functionalities
  • 2D dxf drawings, these files are typically used by manufacturers (machine shops) to build parts
  • BOM, this consists typically in a two text files with a list of parts; one of them contains the list of the commercial parts

The electronics CAD files (e.g. Orcad, Gerber) are available from the RobotCub website together with the bill of materials:

the CAD files release

What is available:

  • Head CAD, BOM and 2D drawings: almost final
  • General integration: CAD only
  • Lowerbody CAD+2D
  • Electronics: DC and BL control cards

The additional documents repository

Certain files cannot be archived as CAD files and require a separate repository (e.g. large binary files). The instructions to get will appear here.

Bill of material

A database with the list of parts and details on each of them will be made available. For now be content with a set of text files describing parts and listing the commercially available ones.

This is temporarily available from:

the CAD files release


Documents that don't fall in any of the previous categories.