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Add your name here with a short description of the demo. Demos will be informal so don't be shy :)


Look at me I can take my arm off demo

The iCub will show he is able to take his right arm off (this dame has actually been running silently the whole morning and early afternoon :D )

Add demo here:

The lego Calibrators

We will try to show lego-pieces pickup when the black iCub is operational again!

Additionally, we have a short movie about the development process!

Motion Replay using Motion/Color Saliency

I will show a small a small demo showing motion replay using a motion/color saliency module.

Using affordances and external forces

I'll try to show some examples on how using affordances and external force detection for dual arm tasks. I have some videos recorded this morning on the white iCub. Sere

CHRIS - Original flavoured

Ugo & Stéphane will run the CHRIS project demo that has been presented to the annual review meeting in june. We have to admit that not so much has improved during the summer school but still... the iCub likes the octopus very much ! ;)