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This page contains a description of the locations of the documents that do not fit in the source code and/or mechanical design files and/or electronic design files categories.

iCub documents locations

Documents can be found on various servers connected to the iCub project. In particular:

How to add documentation guidelines

Each iCub component should be documented appropriately (within reasonable limits). In general, anything created in connection with the iCub has to comply with the documentation standards set forth in Deliverable 1.2 (licensing strategy) and Deliverable 8.2 (coding standards). Of particular importance is to attach a proper license statement to the documents (see below). The manual structure and its chapters is only available from this Wiki.

The general idea is that:

  • Each document has to contain the RobotCub preamble like for example in the above said deliverables. Templates are available from, plese ask a username and password if you do not have one to access the private section of the website.
  • Each document has to clearly refer to the FDL license, mention the constant sections, etc. as explained in Deliverable 1.2. The copyright has to be explicitly assigned to the RobotCub Consortium (see addition to Deliverable 1.2). Authors and institutions supporting the preparation of the document can be mentioned in the license preamble under the "Authors" field.
  • Documents should be added in source (e.g. MSWord doc files, set of gzipped LaTex files) and PDF format to the SVN repository under the folder iCubPlatform/doc/manuals. Please make sure the PDF is available.
  • Videos and data sheets should be uploaded to the respective folders on "". If you do not have a password, then please send an enquiry to admin_(at)
  • A manual page should be added (or links to the files to existing pages) to the respective chapter of the manual (e.g. see chapter one of the manual). The manual page describes the general settings, lists other references and links to all files needed to clearly explain the component in question. The manual page is complementary to the documents and does not substitute them.

In case of doubt please email us admin_(at)

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