Dragonfly on windows

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This page provides instructions for installing device driver and SDK for the Dragonfly camera.

Common instructions

Both device driver and SDK comes in a CD shipped with the Dragonfly camera. You can also get the installer from here: http://eris.liralab.it/iCub/downloads/drivers/windows/. E.g. for 32 bits machine get and execute the latest version (flycapture2.1.3.5_x86.exe). This package works for win32 builds on 64 machine.


At some point in the compilation process cmake will expect to locate the SDK library and header files. The following procedure will be used:

  • Check if the environment variable DRAGONFLYAPI_DIR exists and use it.
  • Check in a default location, i.e. C:/Program Files/Point Grey Research/FlyCapture2

If you install the dragonfly software in a directory that is not the default one you have to define the DRAGONFLYAPI_DIR to point to the root of the SDK directory tree (e.g. C:/Program Files/Point Grey Research/Fly Capture2).