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The iCub

Wiring documentation is available from the SVN repository electronics_public . There are typically folders called "ICUBX_LOGIC AND HARNESS" in the main folder. The bill of materials is also available from the "bom" folder (e.g. ICUB2_LOGIC_HARNESS/iCub 2.0.0/bom).

Wiring manual

  • The new software used for the design and the documentation of the wiring of the robot is Capital Design from Mentor Graphics. The schematics are divided in Logic and Harness.

In the Logic schematics there are the logical and electrical connections between boards and sensors in the robot. In the Harness schematics there are the drawings of all the cables and bundles present on the robot. In the picture below there is the position of all the harness that you find in the pdf. In order to find a cable in the Harness file of your robot, you should start looking at this picture to find out where you have to look at. The Motor&Board_Placement is the document where you can find the wireframe of the robot with all the electronic boards installed on the robot. If you want to find a correspondence between motor name and joint name in the robotMotorGui, refer to ICub_joints


Logic and Harness iCub 1

For the iCub 1.x the wiring schematics are the old version made with Orcad. You can find the files in the link below:


And also:

Here for head cabling
Here for upperbody cabling
Here for lowerbody cabling

Logic and Harness iCub 1.7.1

iCub 1.7.1 is the iCub 1 with Head V2 and forearms and hands V2. Therefore the logic and harness are slightly different from iCub 1

iCub 1.7 Upperbody Logic
iCub 1.7 Upperbody Harness
iCub 1.7 Motor and Board Placement

Logic and Harness iCub 2- CAN based

There are three different version of iCub 2:

iCub 2 - Full robot
iCub 2 Logic
iCub 2 Harness
Motor and Board Placement
iCub 2.3 - Full robot with Talking Head
iCub 2.3 Talking Head Logic
iCub 2.3 Talking Head Harness
iCub 2.3 Talking Head Motor and Board Placement

iCub 2.5 - Full robot with Seaslegs
iCub 2.5 Seaslegs Logic
iCub 2.5 Seaslegs Harness
iCub 2.5 Seaslegs Motor and Board Placement

Logic and Harness iCub 2.5- ETHERNET based

The wiring for the robot with Ethernet backbone has been called 3.x in the Logic and Harness schematic since there has been a big change.

iCub 2.5.3 Motor and Board Placements
iCub 2.5.3 - Full robot with SeasLegs
iCub 2.5.3 Logic
iCub 2.5.3 Harness
iCub 2.5.3 - Koroibot
Koroibot Logic
Koroibot Harness
iCub - Full robot with Battery pack
iCub Battery Pack Logic
iCub Battery Pack Harness
External Cable Battery Pack Logic
External Cable Battery Pack Harness

Logic and Harness iCub Power Cable

It applies to all the robot version but the iCub with battery pack.

External Power Cable Logic
External Power Cable Harness

Logic and Harness iCub Skin

iCub 2.5.3 Skin
Skin-Logic Full robot
Skin-Harness Full robot

All these documents are GPL/FDL as per the entire RobotCub documentation even if at the moment a proper header is not available.

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