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We can work to either of the following depending on your interest.

1. Emotion and energy

The efficient energy management is tend to on of the most important isuses for autonomus robot. So the prediction of energy consumption should be part of decision making process. We will try to identify the essential parameter of a movement which relfects energy consumption. Then we use them to learn to predict the energy consumption for a planed movement in advance. Later this could be connected to an emotion architecture of mine and tested in a scenario for grasping a ball for example.

Here some things which I have done in the past about energy autonomy and NAO robot [1]

2. Emotion and interaction with humans

We will use software, which detects a human face and recognizes happy and neutral emotion expression. The robot should gaze at the face and express corresponding emotion. This can be embedded in a working architecture as demoGrasp (gaze, reach, grasp the red ball)…. so make it funnier and enhance its interactivity. This could also be related to the attention group. The robot should either attend/gaze at human or the ball based on its emotional state (top-down) or what is more available (bottom-up)

It works ! video comming soon!

3. eCub (Evolving Cub)

We are planing to transfer evolved brain in a simple wheeled robot to iCub. Evolution will be in a cooperation with human players in a game developed for Android and HTML5. This could be related to the more general idea of outsourcing computation to large number of humans - crowdsorcing. You can see somebody using it for making efficient HRI for a MDS humanoid: [[1]]


- Kiril Kiryazov

- Takato Horii

Future events:

- ... Feel free to ask me for any info other time too. I am sitting between the two icubs.