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This page provides instructions for installing device driver and SDK for the ESD can bus.

Common instructions

Both device driver and SDK comes in a CD shipped with the Esd can bus device. We provide them in a zip file. Get the file from: and unzip it in a temporary directory. Important: this device driver only works with the usb-mini board (the gray one). Our software does not currently support other type of devices from esd (i.e. the blue one).

Device Driver

Installation of the device driver is straightforward. It boils down to plugging the device on your usb port and browsing to the location of the directory in which you have unzipped the zip file.

See Section "Installation Under Windows 2000/XP" in docu/English/softare/manual.pdf, for a detailed description.


Run CAN_SDK/CANSDK.EXE and follow the instructions.


At some point in the compilation process cmake will expect to locate the SDK library and header files. The following procedure will be used:

  • Check if the environment variable ESDCANAPI_DIR exists and use it.
  • Check if the environment variable CanSdkDir exists and use it. This environment variable is set by the CANSDK.exe installer.
  • Check in a default location, i.e. C:/Program Files/CAN

This means that in most cases you do not need to define new environment variables for cmake to work. However we recommend you do define the environment variable ESDCANAPI_DIR in the following cases:

  • you did not use the CANSDK.EXE installer
  • you moved the sdk
  • in case of doubt (for example if you have used an old version of the device driver/sdk)

Remember that ESDCANAPI_DIR should point to the root of the SDK directory tree (e.g. C:/Program Files/CAN).