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Frequently Asked Questions about Computers for the Workshop

  • What operating systems are supported? Microsoft Windows? Linux? 32-bit or 64-bit?
    • The short answer is "Yes". The experience from previous years is that linux users have the easiest time of it, Mac users have the hardest time, and Windows users somewhere in the middle. Every commit on YARP is tested on the platforms listed here (assorted Linux, Windows, OSX machines). iCub software tests are here. I don't see a Mac platform on that list.
  • What Internet access is available at the hotel and the school? Do I have to pre-register my machine?
    • No internet in rooms at hotel (at least not last year), wireless access in a dining area. School has wireless and wired access, good bandwidth, don't know details.
  • What software do I need to download and install? Is there any required which is not free?
    • No non-free software required. Some iCub software uses IPOPT, which is free, but which can be configured to use a non-free solver. Last I heard, the author of this code strongly recommends the non-free solver - see [Installing IPOPT]. Others use MUMPS.
  • How much RAM and disk space does the software require?
  • Is there a minimum video resolution?
  • Are there things to watch out for in preparing the software?
  • What documentation should I be reading to prepare?

Mike Ciaraldi's software odyssey: MJC

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