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iCub supporting joint level torque control

Joint level torque control as will be reported below can be achieved with iCub from version 1.2 to 1.x. Version 1.1 of the iCub has not *.ini files properly configured.

Torque Control in iCub v1.x

The version of the iCub robot starting from v1.1, are not provided with joint level torque sensing (this will be a feature of iCub v2.x). The robots from version 1.1 are equipped with proximal 6-axis force/torque (F/T) sensors.

For these robots it is possible to compute joint torques exploiting a model-based approach based on a modified Newton-Euler algorithm. These computation are performed by the wholeBodyTorqueObserver module, running on a blade. A possible rate the module should run is 10ms. This rate has been tested to give good results in terms of performances of the controller. The more the rate, the more the delay. It is a good attitude to check the time intercurring between the actual measurement of the F/T sensors and the corrisponding torque measurements that are sent to the firmware. Unfortunately, a tool performing this check is not available