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These are instructions to connect to the RobotCub software repository through CVS.

First of all, make sure your account is set up. Please SSH to the server by typing:


or anything else as required by your specific client. If you manage to log in correctly then you can proceed to change your password. The shell you just log in into only allows two commands: passwd and cvs. Use the passwd command to change your default password. Now you're all set to move to checkout the RobotCub repository. Then logout from the remote shell using 'exit'.

 The server name is:
 The full CVSROOT is something like (client dependent):

and finally the module you need to checkout is:

 iCub (the capitalized C is mandatory).

From the command line (depending on your client):

 cvs checkout -P iCub

If you use cygwin on windows or ssh from command line:

 export CVS_RSH=ssh
 cvs -d co iCub

You have read/write access to this repository so please be careful :)

Connect to the RobotCub software repository using WinCVS:

Run WinCVS, do Remote->Checkout module with:

 Module name: iCub
 Local folder: any..
 CVSROOT: :ssh;username=USERNAME;password=hanbury;

Please change the USERNAME to your own.