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  • Beginners: sign up to the beginners group so we know how many people will attend the basic tutorials
  • VVV12/EFAA: working group related to the EFAA european project.
  • Attention System: working group for building an attention system for the iCub.
  • VVV12/Checkers: Checkers group - we'll try to make the iCubs play checkers against each other
  • Dynamics and Balancing: working group related to force control, whole-body dynamics computations and balancing/walking.
  • Xperience group: working group related to the xperience project.
  • pyCub: fancy using iCub directly from Python? This is a group for you.
  • VVV12/IMMML: intrinsically motivated motor map learning, including reflexive behaviors and self collision avoidance
  • VVV12/POETICON: working group related to the POETICON++ european project.
  • VVV12/Online-imitation: On line Imitation using Kinect.
  • emoBot: Emotions for energy autonomy and HRI