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Now that basic tutorials are done we would to invite people to pick a project idea and start working on that. Ideally this should be done in groups so it is more fun, but also individual groups are ok.

You can add your group/project idea below. Add a short description of the project and the list of people that will be working on it.


This group is part of the Fp7 project CHRIS (see The focus is on human-robot interaction. The human supervises the robot using verbal commands and teaches the robot to recognize and the name of new objects.

  • Ugo
  • Stephane
  • Carlo
  • Andrea

Efaa Group

See - "The Experimental Functional Android Assistant (EFAA) project will contribute to the development of socially intelligent humanoids by advancing the state of the art in both single human-like social capabilities and in their integration in a consistent architecture." (from

  • Maxime
  • Ilaria
  • Martin

Skin Group

This group is working to integrate the tactile feedback from the skin with the force control.

  • Andrea
  • Serena
  • Marco