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Now that basic tutorials are done we would to invite people to pick a project idea and start working on that. Ideally this should be done in groups so it is more fun, but also individual groups are ok.

You can add your group/project idea below. Add a short description of the project and the list of people that will be working on it. For ideas, take a look at last year.


This group is part of the Fp7 project CHRIS (see The focus is on human-robot interaction. The human supervises the robot using verbal commands and teaches the robot to recognize and the name of new objects.

  • Ugo
  • Stephane
  • Carlo
  • Andrea

Efaa Group

See - "The Experimental Functional Android Assistant (EFAA) project will contribute to the development of socially intelligent humanoids by advancing the state of the art in both single human-like social capabilities and in their integration in a consistent architecture." (from

  • Maxime
  • Ilaria
  • Martin

Skin Group

This group is working to integrate the tactile feedback from the skin with the force control.

  • Andrea
  • Serena
  • Marco