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* Vadim Tikhanoff
* Vadim Tikhanoff
* Steve Hart
* Steve Hart
* Bjorn Browatzki?
* Bjorn Browatzki
* Daniel Krieg
* Daniel Krieg

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Tentative group formation

Here's a list of possible topics & groups as formed before the school. If you're interested in any of the topics then please add your name here. We'll be posting and adding material in preparation for meeting in Sestri Levante.

  • The CHRIS project group
  • The force control group
  • Attention & vision: aka eMorph group
  • The ITALK project group
  • New people


This group works on a CHRIS project scenario (TBD).

Add description, material, papers, images here.

Here's the participants:

  • Ugo Pattacini
  • Lorenzo Natale
  • Andre Luvizotto
  • Zenon Matthews

Force control

This group works on using the iCub f/t sensors to implement joint torque control via remapping and dynamics modeling. Hopefully it will also work on some applocations such as autonumous lego block insertion and/or force controlled crawling


  • Francesco Nori
  • Matteo Fumagalli
  • Marco Randazzo


This group is working on doing everything necessary :) to put two pieces of Lego together autonomously. This includes finding the pieces, grasping them, re-detecting the pieces in the hand, putting the pieces together.

We will collaborate with the force control group, to put the Lego pieces together correctly (without breaking the arms).

To find the Legos on the table, we are working on a simple AR-Toolkit based program, and a kinematic model of the lego pieces. Maybe we should also use the cool fingertip sensors for the final approach?

Last year, we proved that this is possible with tele-operation. Let's do it completely autonomously this time!


  • Alexis Maldonado
  • Federico Ruiz

Attention & vision

This group works on rationalizing some of the visual processing and the attention system in logpolar images for the eMorph project.


  • Giorgio Metta
  • Francesco Rea
  • Vadim Tikhanoff
  • Steve Hart
  • Bjorn Browatzki
  • Daniel Krieg


This group works on a scenario from the iTALK EU project (TBD).


  • Francesco Nori
  • all ITALK people (in theory)

New people

All the others who potentially need to train on YARP first.


  • Bruno Nery (some experience with YARP, but not with the iCub)
  • Erick Swere
  • Paolo Tommasino