Humanoids '09 workshop

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Developmental Psychology Contributions to Cooperative Human Robot Interaction


  1. Peter Ford Dominey – Robot Cognition Laboratory <>

  1. Tamim Asfour – Karlsruhe University <>

  1. Giorgio Metta – Italian Institute of Technology

  1. Lorenzo Natale - Italian Institute of Technology <>

  1. Felix Warneken - Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology &

Harvard University. <>

  1. Katharina Hamann - MPI Dept. Of Developmental and Comparative Psychology


  1. Jasmin Steinwender - MPI Dept. Of Developmental and Comparative Psychology



Objectives and Topics: Robot cognition stands to make significant advances in the near future. The objective of the workshop is to provide concrete illustrations of how data from human developmental psychology has/can influenced robot cognitive systems to foster cooperation with humans. Presentations should ideally include concrete cases of developmental psychology or human cognitive science being applied to robotics.

Intended Audience

At least two groups will be interested: First, people working in robot cognitive systems, as well as robot planning and HRI will be highly interested. Second, cognitive scientists and developmental psychologists will be interested to see how work from their field can interact with and be tested by robot implementation.

List of Speakers

There are three categories of speakers

  1. invited speakers who have clear contributions in the domain,
  2. identified workshop presentations that combine research in child development and robot cognition,
  3. presentations identified from an open call for proposals to be issued in September (or sooner if we receive notice of acceptance of the workshop proposal sooner).

A total of ~10 presentations will be made in the full day workshop.

Invited speakers who have accepted

  1. Dr Yiannis Demiris, Senior Lecturer, Intelligent Systems and Networks Group,

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London Preliminary title: The Robot in the Crib: A Developmental Analysis of Imitation Skills in Infants and Robots

  1. Gedeon O. Deák, Ph.D., Child Development Laboratory Director, Department of Cognitive

Science, 9500 Gilman Dr. Univ. CA, San Diego Preliminary title: The Development of Cognitive Flexibility: How Child Development can influence Robot Cognition

  1. Deb Roy Director, Cognitive Machines Group (or one of his colleagues)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Preliminary title: Continuous on-line learning for developmental robotic systems: lessons from the Speechnome project

Candidate Identified workshop presentations

Warneken & Dominey: Formation of Shared Plans in the Developing Human Child and in Humanoid Robots Alami, Hamann, Steinwender: Categories of Cooperative Behavior in the Infant and Corresponding Robotic Implmentation Lallee, Steinwender, Hamann: Learning by Doing vs Learning by Observation Natale & Lallee: Linking Action to Perception in a Humanoid robot: a Developmental Approach to Grasping and Vision Asfour: Developmental Approaches to Sensorimotor Learning on Humanoid Robots

presentations based on invitation and a call for papers that will be issued once/if we
get notification. Several European and American laboratories will be interested in this call
The "Research Institute for Cognition and Robotics - CoR-Lab":
The Paco-Plus European project