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The URDF (acronym for "Unified" Robot Description Format, is a file format for expressing kinematics, dynamics, visual and collision properties of a robot, originally developed in the ROS project. The reference parser ( is now middleware-indipendent. In the last years URDF started gaining support in different software. For this reason several groups started to produce URDF models of the iCub, using different sources and process to produced it. This wiki page is a part of an effort to consolidate all the existing iCub URDF models.

Sources of information on iCub mechanical parameters

  • The ultimate reference for the design parameters of the iCub robot are the CAD models, that are available as open source: RobotCub.
  • Reference documentation for iCub Forward Kinematics is available
  • Some dynamical parameters are encoded in source code of the iDyn library.

URDF created at Italian Institute of Technology - Genoa

A set of functions for creating URDF from parameters encoded in iKin/iDyn libraries were created at IIT for use in software for the CoDyCo project. This URDFs don't have any detail regarding visuals and collision details. It also lacks the model for the iCub hands, and also for the iCub eyes. Information about this URDFs are available at .

URDF created at ISIR - Paris

An URDF model of the iCub was created by Joseph Salini at ISIR. This model was created using the iCub CAD models for the visual and collision meshes, while the source of the kinematic and dynamic parameters is not clear. This urdf model is available at: .

URDF created at Vislab - Lisbon