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* [[macOS:Installation from sources]]
* [[macOS:Installation from sources|Installation from sources]]

== Installation on the robot (pc104) ==
== Installation on the robot (pc104) ==

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This page contains detailed instructions for installing the iCub software.

The software can be compiled on different platforms. We support Windows, Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) and macOS.

For all systems you have the following choices:

  • From sources: get the latest sources and compile the software. You can download the code from git (this is good if you want to contribute to the repository and get the latest updates) or from one of the snapshots.
  • From pre-compiled binaries: quick installation of all the software. This is a good solution if you don't want to compile or modify the software, allow experimenting with the robot, the simulator and writing code using the libraries.

Installation on Windows


Installation on Linux


Installation on macOS


Installation on the robot (pc104)


For installation of the software on the pc104 follow these instructions:

Linux Virtual Machine

Although installing the software is simple with binaries or sources we also provide pre-installed virtual machines through vagrant: