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* [[MacOSX: installation]]
* [[macOS:Installation from sources using the robotology-superbuild|Installation from sources using the robotology-superbuild]]

== Installation on the robot (pc104) ==
== Installation on the robot (pc104) ==

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This page contains detailed instructions for installing the iCub software.

The software can be compiled on different platforms, however we support Windows, Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) and macOS.

For all systems you have the following choices:

  • From pre-compiled binaries: quick installation of all the software, good if you don't want to compile or modify the software, allow experimenting with the robot, the simulator and writing code using the libraries.
  • From sources: get the latest sources and compile the software. This procedure is simplified by the use of the robotology-superbuild.

Installation on Windows


Installation on Linux


Installation on macOS


Installation on the robot (pc104)


For installation of the software on the pc104 follow these instructions:

Linux Virtual Machine

Although installing the software is simple with binaries or sources we also provide pre-installed virtual machines through vagrant: