IHA Progress Update

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Progress at summer school

Update Wed 30 Jul

  1. Facial Expressions Coded and Integrated as actions using configuration files similar to standard Actions
  2. Start-up scripts improved
  3. Modification to Action Selection algorithm to break out of repeated ZERO (do nothing) sequence
  4. New monitor process written that is a yarp process that takes input of status and values of various variables on status ports of IHA processes.
    • With this monitor process it is possible to see if the Action Selection process is lagging behind the Metric Space creation process
    • Tested the monitor process on the robot on Wednesday morning
  5. able to use 3 different computers to run the IHA processes

Issues / TODO

  • Start-up is still complicated especially when using multiple PCs
  • Actions still too slow to complete and return control to the selection process
  • Still has tendency to get stuck with doing nothing
    • May have to do with slowness of action 0
  • Need to clearly test the reinforcement signal is correctly propogated to the required experience
    • In demonstrating it takes too long to randomly try Hide action so reinforcement is difficult