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iKart hardware description

iKart overview

Main panel

Internal panel



Laser scanner

Joystick receiver

iKart Software

Battery Manager

The iKartBattteryManager is the module responsible of verifying the status of charge (SoC) of the battery. The module is automatically started from the script /etc/rc.local during the boot sequence (see also ...) and periodically reads the from the /dev/ttyUSB0 serial port the SoC of the battery. The default update rate is 10 seconds. The module executes independently if the yarp server is running or not. If yes, infomation about the SoC of the battery is sent through the /ikart/battery:o port. The user will be notified with a wall message if the charge of the battery level is low (10%). If the battery reaches a critical level (below 5%), the module will start an emergency shutdown procedure, by stopping the iCub and iKart motor interfaces, and turning off the machine, with a two minutes advance notice.

Battery Display

The iKartBatteryDisplay is a graphical tool which displays the current SoC of the battery. The module receives the battery info from the iKartBatteryManager module through the /ikart/battery:o yarp port. Since the iKart obviously doesn't have a graphical output, this module will not run on the iKart machine. Instead, the iKartBatteryDisplay is thought to be executed by the user on all the machines remotely connected to the iKart. The provided always-on-top window will remember to the user the remaining autonomy of the robot, so it's a good idea to execute to keep an iKartBatteryDisplay instance always running on each user machine connected to the iKart.


Starting the iKart with the joystick

iKart Installation


Start-up scripts

Yarp and iCub repositories

iKart and ROS

iKart dimensions