Installing IPOPT

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IpOpt is an open-source tool from COIN-OR project for nonlinear constrained optimization. It is required to install it in order to enable IpOpt-based features of iKin library.

IpOpt can be installed as iCub dependency, as stand-alone binaries, or compiled by getting the sources directly from the web. See below.

iCub dependency

Visit the iCub Software Installation page and follow the guide for installing from sources: this way you will get IpOpt installed as a dependency.

Let us enforce that INSTALLING IPOPT AS A DEPENDENCY IS THE RECOMMENDED SOLUTION, which minimizes how package maintenance impacts your system.

Install from binaries distribution


Ipopt can be easily installed via vcpkg.

Firstly get robotology-vcpkg-binary-ports, then:

 ./vcpkg.exe --overlay-ports=<repo_parent_directory>/robotology-vcpkg-binary-ports install ipopt-binary:x64-windows


Just type:

 sudo apt install coinor-libipopt-dev


Ipopt can be easily installed via homebrew:

 brew install ipopt