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This is a wiki for the RobotCub project and friends.
* [[VVV06 | VVV Summer School 2006]]
<big>'''Viki: The Veni Vidi Vici Wiki'''</big>
* [[RobotCub | iCub Robot]]
Hello, good evening, and welcome to the Wiki for the
[http://www.robotcub.org/summerschool RobotCub Summer School]
Read about [[Present yourself | the most excellent students]]
and sympathize with our [[busy name server]].
The school is finished at this time, this site will be accessible for quite some time and will become part of the main RobotCub.org server at a certain point. Let's stay in touch.
[[Media:farewell.pdf | Farewell message, important!]]
== Recent Notes ==
* [[Motor control]] Documentation and classes and a [[Media:motorcontrol.pdf | short tutorial]].
* [[Inertial Sensor]] now really truly available.
* [[A note on the arm joints]]
* [[New arm port]] Reading encoder values.
* [[Present your tracker]] This task is still active, please feel free to do it.
* [[Arm Control]] Controlling the arm of James.
* Open CV related tricks and alternatives [[OpenCV]]
* [http://people.csail.mit.edu/paulfitz/vvv/html/note_devices.html YARP Devices]
* Useful code people are writing (feel free to add here):
** Grab images from opencv, put them on a port: see iCub/src/vvv/randaz/camera_driver
** DirectX SDK (for the game): see iCub/src/vvv/randaz/directX_maze
** Player/Stage driver for YARP Images (use of *all* P/S drivers that require a camera interface is now possible + you can now use your YARP images using any programming language that P/S supports ;): see iCub/src/vvv/rbrusumaldonad_playerstage-yarp-image_driver
** Driver for XSens MTx IMU for YARP2: see iCub/src/vvv/rbrusumaldonad_xsens-driver-patch
* Current tasks -- Task 2: [[The Kibitzer]] and Task 3: [[The Controller]]
* [[New ports on iCub]] -- updated Monday.  [[Output your target]] in this format.
* [[Images from the Robot]] and how to do something with them [[image_sink example]] ([[bug on image_sink]])
* [[Picture from Ravinder]], [http://homepages.feis.herts.ac.uk/~comrnam/pictures/VVV-day1/index.html Pictures from Assif],[http://homepages.feis.herts.ac.uk/~comrnam/pictures/more-vvvv/index.html some more from day2/3], [http://www.choriticos.net/~amaldo/italy Pictures from Alexis], [[Pictures from Radu]]; Pictures from Eric: [http://picasaweb.google.com/emislive/VVVDay1 Day 1], [http://picasaweb.google.com/emislive/VVVDay2 Day 2], and [http://picasaweb.google.com/emislive/VVVDay3 Day 3]
* Image class: [http://yarp0.sourceforge.net/specs/dox/user/html/classyarp_1_1sig_1_1ImageOf.html ImageOf] [http://yarp0.sourceforge.net/specs/dox/user/html/namespaceyarp_1_1sig_1_1draw.html very basic drawing] [http://yarp0.sourceforge.net/specs/dox/user/html/namespaceyarp_1_1sig_1_1file.html very basic image file read/write]
* Class documentation: [http://yarp0.sourceforge.net/specs/dox/user/html/classyarp_1_1os_1_1Port.html Port]  [http://yarp0.sourceforge.net/specs/dox/user/html/classyarp_1_1os_1_1Bottle.html Bottle] [http://yarp0.sourceforge.net/specs/dox/user/html/classyarp_1_1os_1_1Thread.html Thread] [http://yarp0.sourceforge.net/specs/dox/user/html/classyarp_1_1os_1_1Thread.html Semaphore] [http://yarp0.sourceforge.net/specs/dox/user/html/classyarp_1_1os_1_1BufferedPort.html BufferedPort]
* [http://yarp0.sourceforge.net/specs/dox/user/html/yarp.html The "yarp" command documentation]
== Older Notes ==
* RAI3 (TG3) last friday TV report (19:40) - [http://users.isr.ist.utl.pt/~jgomes/Filme.wmv File1][[http://eris.liralab.it/viki/images/a/a4/HPIM0482.MPG File2]]
* [[Places to see this weekend]] - some info if you want to be a tourist ;)
* [[yarpview output mouse press]] - how to get the position of a mouse click from yarpview
* [[Jerky images]]?
* [[Renaud's image viewer]] - "yayarpview: yet another yarpview" - a new viewer without GTK dependencies
* [[Integrating external libraries]] -- gives tips for OpenCV integration
* Some multicast problems - [[Mac OSX and mcast]]
* [[Adding your project to iCub]]
* [[Notes on CVS: RobotCub repository]]
* [[cvs/wincvs tricks]], how to get new directories
* Notes on [[The Game]]
* [[SWIG on Mac OS X]]
* There are many examples in your YARP source directory, subdirectory example/os
* [http://yarp0.sourceforge.net YARP home page]
* Notes shown on Monday: [http://people.csail.mit.edu/paulfitz/vvv/html/ YARP Ports]
* Common [[CMake problems]]
* [http://yarp0.sourceforge.net/specs/dox/user/html/yarp_code_example_pair.html simple sender and receiver example code] from Monday
== Who and Where ==
* See the list of [[People]] who'll be at the school, and where they'll be staying.
* See information about [[Travel]] to the school.
* Daily [[Schedule]]
* [[Local Account]] information
== Tasks ==
Our first goal is to get make sure by the time people come to the school,
they have a comfortable development environment that is sufficient for
the tools we are going to use.
* Task 0: [[Getting Started]] and [[Getting YARPed]] and [[Getting RobotCub]]
At the school, we'll be asking students to carry out a series of
mini-projects of expanding complexity.  For the curious, we're
starting to summarize them here.
* Task 1: [[The Game]]
* Task 1.1: [[The Game with images]]
* Task 1.2: [[Present yourself]]
* Task 2: [[The Kibitzer]]
* Task 2.1: [[Present your tracker]]
* Task 3: [[The Controller]]
* Task 4: [[The Coordinator]]
== Wiki help ==
Consult the [http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki_User%27s_Guide User's Guide] for information on using the wiki software.
[[Administrative notes]]

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This is a wiki for the RobotCub project and friends.