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(Recent Notes)
(Recent Notes)
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* [[Present your tracker]]
* [[Present your tracker]]
* [[Arm Control]]
* [[Arm Control]]
* [[Inertial Sensor]] (documentation in progress, not set up yet)
* Open CV related tricks and alternatives [[OpenCV]]
* Open CV related tricks and alternatives [[OpenCV]]
* [http://people.csail.mit.edu/paulfitz/vvv/html/note_devices.html YARP Devices]
* [http://people.csail.mit.edu/paulfitz/vvv/html/note_devices.html YARP Devices]

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Viki: The Veni Vidi Vici Wiki

Hello, good evening, and welcome to the Wiki for the RobotCub Summer School

Read about the most excellent students and sympathize with our busy name server.

Recent Notes

  • A note on the arm joints
  • New arm port
  • Present your tracker
  • Arm Control
  • Open CV related tricks and alternatives OpenCV
  • YARP Devices
  • Useful code people are writing (feel free to add here):
    • Grab images from opencv, put them on a port: see iCub/src/vvv/randaz/camera_driver
    • DirectX SDK (for the game): see iCub/src/vvv/randaz/directX_maze
    • Player/Stage driver for YARP Images (use of *all* P/S drivers that require a camera interface is now possible + you can now use your YARP images using any programming language that P/S supports ;): see iCub/src/vvv/rbrusumaldonad_playerstage-yarp-image_driver
    • Driver for XSens MTx IMU for YARP2: see iCub/src/vvv/rbrusumaldonad_xsens-driver-patch

Older Notes

Who and Where


Our first goal is to get make sure by the time people come to the school, they have a comfortable development environment that is sufficient for the tools we are going to use.

At the school, we'll be asking students to carry out a series of mini-projects of expanding complexity. For the curious, we're starting to summarize them here.

Wiki help

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Administrative notes