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This page contains the software developed in Liralab on Online Support Vector Regression.

If you need more documentation and more info, visit OnlineSVR Web Site.

Online SVR Matlab Source Code

OnlineSVR Malab Code

Matlab OnlineSVR Reference Manual

Online SVR C++ Source Code

Online SVR C++ Code

Class Matrix Reference Manual

Class Vector Reference Manual

Class OnlineSVR Reference Manual

Online SVR Command-Line

OnlineSVR Command-Line Windows Binary

Online SVR Interface

OnlineSVR Interface

CMake support

(this section is unofficial - not written by author of package) Here's a CMakeLists.txt file for this code:

 ADD_LIBRARY(OnlineSVR CrossValidation.cpp File.cpp Forget.cpp Kernel.cpp OnlineSVR.cpp Show.cpp Stabilize.cpp Train.cpp Variations.cpp)
 ADD_EXECUTABLE(main Main.cpp)
 ADD_EXECUTABLE(example Example.cpp)