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The OpenNI2 device driver for YARP works with PrimeSense compatible RGB-D sensors, including Asus Xtion Pro. Tested on Debian Jessie (testing), Ubuntu 12.04+ and Mac OS X 10.8.4+.

Debian Wheezy (stable) is not supported by OpenNI2, due to glibc version being < 2.14.

Note: Microsoft Kinect sensors are not supported by this driver. However, they are supported by the old Kinect YARP driver, which was based on OpenNI version 1.



Download and install:

git clone

If you are using Debian testing (jessie), you have to make small changes: 1) pthread 2) comment suppress errors

cd OpenNI2
cd Packaging
./Release x64   // or: ./Release x86
cd Final


Download and install NiTE2:


add source ..../OpenNidev ad source ..../NiTEDev

source ~/.bashrc  // or: logout and login

YARP driver

Enable devices SET OpenNI2DeviceServer to ON set OpenNI2DeviceClient to ON



Print a short driver manual:

yarpdev --device OpenNI2DeviceServer --verbose

Available options:


--playback filename.oni

   Playbacks the specified oni file.


   Forces the playback to loop. If not used, the playback will stop after one run.

--record filename.oni

   records to the specified oni file


   chenge default port prefix (default=/OpenNI2)


   use only user tracker


   disable mirroring


--minConfidence x (double)

   set minimum confidence required. Default is 0.6

Doesn't start the user tracker.


The driver opens three ports: imageFrame:o depthFrame:o userTracker:o

imageFrame and depthFrame stream YARP images, and if connectd to a yarpview, the video is available. UserTracker outputs bottles in the format:

To use the driver in an application: