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Apologies for dropping accents. If your name is mangled, please correct it. The list is broken down based on where people are staying. The hotels are in close proximity to each other. You can get contact information for the hotels from the following links if you want to book extra days/people. Our group booking with Centro Hotel and Savoy Hotel had to be finalized over a month ago and we cannot modify it ourselves.

  • Centro Hotel
    • This hotel's website domain has just expired, so here is their address:
    • Centro Hotel, Piazza Eroi della Libertà 10, 18012 BORDIGHERA - IM
    • tel. 0184.265265/6 - 0184.265238 fax 0184.265253
    • e-mail:
  • Savoy Hotel
  • Hotel Aurora
  • Venue map

If you're feeling adventurous, you could edit your entry in the lists below to tell others a little about yourself.

Centro Hotel

Hotel Savoy

Hotel Aurora