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There are many nice places to visit this weekend (but of course, you can just be lazin' on the beach), some of them are easy to reach by bus, others by train:

  • Genoa - It's the most important city of this region (Liguria) and the hometown of LIRA-Lab. The best place for shopping (but some shops will be closed on sunday) or to have a slice of focaccia (ask matteo ;) ). You can reach it by train in two hours. Maps of Genova (again, ask Matteo for sightseeing, shopping and eating suggestions).
  • San Remo - It's a nice town, famous for the Casino, flowers shops and for the Italian Music Festival. You can reach it by bus or by train (since it is a local connection there should be a train or a bus every half an hour) in 15 minutes.
  • Seborga - Nice medieval town near Ventimiglia, it has become famous in Italy beacause some time ago its mayor decided that a good idea to improve the tourism could be to separate from Italy ("We are so close to Montecarlo, why can't we do like them? Let's have a secession. It can be funny!!"). Nobody believed him, but now you can buy coins and stamps with his face: Prince Giorgio the 1st. You can reach this crazy place by bus from Bordighera or Ventimiglia with a short trip.
  • Monaco and Montecarlo - Do you really want to go to France? Do you know they lost FIFA World Championship against Italy? ;) Ok, if you really want I must say it's a fantastic place: high class people, dream yaughts, sun, beach, luxury shops. Ok, I must admit it's not bad ;) Don't forget to see "The Rock" where the prince Grimaldi palace is. Reachable by bus and train from Ventimiglia in 20 minutes.
  • Nice - France, again? Yeah, that's nice. Wonderful seaside walk, nice shops and good food. Don't forget to visit the old town (best shops are there!!) and the garden on the hill. You can reach it by train from Ventimiglia in 40 minutes.

..are you still reading? Go and have fun!!