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Please populate this page with the name of the project, the name of the people that participate in the project and a short description of what the project aims to do and what individual people are planning to do within the group. A group can be made by an individual person or more.

It is important that everybody works towards something, no matter how simple or complex.



  • Stephane: sensorimotor contingencies using SOMs that match other SOMs
  • ...
  • ...

Goal of the project:


Exploration of tools and objects affordances (in the context of Poeticon++)

People: Afonso, Lorenzo, Tanis, Vadim

Goal: Perform a set of actions on objects using tools, recording visual descriptors of tools, objects, and effects of the action.

Incremental Learning applications on iCub using the GURLS++ package

The main goals of the project are the following:

  1. Implement a numerically stable incremental RLS update rule (cholupdate) in the GURLS++ framework. The functionality has already been tested in MATLAB, replicating the work by Gijsberts et al.: ‘Incremental Learning of Robot Dynamics using Random Features’
  2. Design and develop a simple prototypical YARP module to serve as an interface with the robot
  3. Run an on-line inverse dynamics learner on the real robot