Software Versioning Table

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YARP iCub Software icub-contrib-common icub-tutorials icub-basic-demos icub-tests gazebo-yarp-plugins icub-gazebo robots-configuration icub-firmware icub-firmware-shared
v3.2.1 v1.13.0 v1.13.0 v1.13.0 v1.13.0 v1.13.0 v3.2.0 v1.13.0 v1.13.0 v1.13.0 v1.13.0

The table above reports on the dependency between the given YARP release and the tag of the downstream projects composing our software ecosystem.

First, download YARP and check out the latest release (e.g. v3.2.1):

 git clone 
 cd yarp
 git checkout v3.2.1

Then, download the downstream projects and make sure to check out the corresponding tag. For example, for iCub it holds:

 git clone
 cd icub-main
 git checkout v1.13.0