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This information was valid in previous years. If you find any problems, please fix or email the school organizers.

Getting to Sestri Levante

You can find official instructions from the Sestri Levante tourist site here:

Arriving in Genoa airport

If you are arriving into Genoa airport, there is a bus shuttle ("volabus") that will take you to a train station ("Genova Principe" or "Genova Piazza Principe" -- pronounced PRIN-chee-pay where chee is the sound in cheese). From that station you can easily get to Sestri Levante. There are ticket vending machines that work in all languages. You can preview your route here:

Once at Sestri Levante train station

The school

  • The school is right about here


  • Do the Trenitalia ticket machines accept American credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)?
    • Yes, I (paulfitz) have had no trouble with Visa/Mastercard American credit cards. It is good policy to warn your bank. If you plan a side trip to France, watch out, but in Italy, no problem.
  • How much is the volabus in Genoa? Do I need to use exact change?
  • Will my American ATM card work in Italy?
    • Works for me (Bank of America). With Visa/Mastercard symbol, it should work. One important glitch: some US banks have long pins that don't work in Italy. Here's the trick: the pin number gets truncated. If you have trouble, just try the first 4 or 5 digits. This worked for me, and was the advice of my bank. (And if you remember your pin as letters, you *may* need to figure out the corresponding numbers on a phone). It may be worth checking with your bank before going.
  • The venue page lists two hotels, the Due Mari and the Mira. Which one am I in?
    • (email pending to all participants confirming room allocations)
  • Should I walk the 1.1 km to the hotel or take a taxi?
    • It is a pleasant walk, a lot of it along the promenade if you do it right. Good neighborhood. Only reason for taxi would be if you happen to arrive during a storm. Weather is usually ridiculously good.